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Season One

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"Tonya's Crazy Friend"

The best part of Quinton's night quickly turns into an humiliating nightmare when Tonya's Crazy Friend ends it before everyone is pleased. Don't worry, he's got revenge on his mind.

"Cinco Cero"

Q goes home with a quiet, little secretary and quickly finds himself with a freak; with toys. And when things go wrong, he's left to explain to the authorities.

"The Mindreader"

Women say one thing, men say another and they're probably both lying. We watch as Quinton and The Mindreader discuss sex, guidelines, and how this is a one night stand without ever using  real words.

"The Babysitter"

Q wakes to find the woman gone and a kid running around. He does the right thing and stays, but quickly finds out kids are much more complicated than women.

"The Negotiator"

She's got desire, a list of things to do, and a husband as her witness. Quinton may be willing to break one of his rules, but even he has a line.

"Daddy's Girl"

Mom is crazy, daddy is nuts and they're in the next room. Q hatches a plan to create a little "private time" but when there's guns and alcohol involved, you gotta......yeah, we said guns.

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