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Kee Seymore"QUINTON"

Kee's a gamer. Need him to be half-naked in bed all day with a beautiful woman? He's down -- no questions asked. He's appeared in commercials for Under Armor and ESPN, and is an award-winning writer. His short film HEARTS GAMBLE won Best Short Screenplay at the Manhattan Film Festival.

Gabrielle Ryan -"TONYA'S CRAZY FRIEND"

Funny. Beautiful. British. If she weren't so damn nice, she'd be easy to hate. A student of The Strasberg  Institute, Gabrielle has starred in the films "Demons Never Die", and the award winning short "Hard To Say". She has also appeared in campaigns for Nike, Nintendo Wii, AXE as well as television shows “Deadly Sins” and “Stalked”.

IMDB LINK   @MsGabrielleRyan

Catherine Eaton -"THE NEGOTIATOR"

Her audition was so sexy, when she left the producers requested a drink and cigarette break -- no lie. A critically-acclaimed actor, writer, and director her solo-show, CORSETLESS, serves as the basis for her directorial debut LIV, which she co-wrote. She just wrapped as understudy for Mary-Louis Parker in Snow Geese on Broadway.   @catherineveaton

Josh Hyman -"THE HUSBAND"

Josh is one of those crazy-talented people who can do comedy, drama, and even work a stripper pole. This actor & comedian has appeared in commercials for AT&T, ESPN, and Bud Light. As well as shows on The Travel Channel and Discovery. Most recently, he appeared as the memorable CHEF MARIO on Nick Jr.'s "Team UmiZoomis". He can also be seen spitting his comic-stylings at the Comic Strip Live in NYC.  @MrJoshHyman 

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