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Season One

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No drunk chicks, no ho’s, and they can’t be from Staten Island (it’s a long story). These are a few of the rules Quinton has for one night stands. He’s no Romeo and he’s far from an Adonis. He’s just a guy committed to being the perfect boyfriend – for one night.


Unfortunately, even relationships that end before sunrise have complications. He encounters child abandonment, trespassing, and there’s no easy way to explain to the paramedics why you have an unconscious, half-naked woman in handcuffs.


In each episode we meet a new woman and they’re as diverse as the city in which this adult comedy is set – New York. Drenched in sexual energy, New York offers the most important factor to a one night stand – anonymity. But beware...Quinton may look like he’s living a life most men dream about, but one never knows what lurks behind a woman’s bedroom door.

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